Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
3rd Grade
McCurdy Elementary
my photo To ensure open communication between home and school, here is a little about myself. First, I will strive to achieve a healthy home-school relationship since it's vital to your child's success. I graduated in May 2000 from Missouri Baptist college with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I earned my National Board Certification for the Middle Childhood Generalist in November 2008. This will be my tenth year teaching in the Hazelwood School District. I have taught Sixth grade for four years, Third grade for three years, and this will be my third year teaching Fourth grade. I have been married for nine years, and have a seven year old son named Chase. I love animals. I have three dogs, three ferrets, one cat, two pet mice, a red-eared slider turtle, and some fish. I believe technology is an integral success in the educational achievement of your child. I feel that teaching through technology is a MUST in today's world. My husband and I purchased an ACTIVstudio Suite for my classroom with our own money. This Suite contains a Promethean Board (similar to a SMARTboard, only with more features, a LCD projector, an ACTIVslate, ACTIVpens, ACTIVwands, and ACTIVoters to informally assess students. I ask that all students treat my equipment as if it were their own!
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