Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
3rd Grade
McCurdy Elementary
I have been notified by the district that we cannot have any sweet or sugary type of food like cookies, cupcakes, etc. Some suggestions of healthy snacks to share are below:

* Granola bars
* Rice krispy treats
* Cheez-itz
* Graham crackers
* Baked chips
* Pretzels
* Fruit Snacks

If something is brought in that is not "healthy" I will have to return it to you. It is not fair for one person in the class to bring the "sugary" food.
Invitations to birthday parties at home should only be passed out by the students at school if the WHOLE CLASS is invited. This is to avoid hurt feelings. If this is not possible, have your child give me the invitations and I will give it to those particular students. Thank you for understanding!
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