Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
3rd Grade
McCurdy Elementary
To monitor inappropriate behavior, students will each have a stick on a behavior chart. Students will begin each day on start and can remain on start by exhibiting appropriate behavior throughout the day. If the student does not follow the rules for the first time, he/she will move to the warning space on the behavior chart. If the student continues to disobey the rules, he/she will move to the refocus space and will be required to work at the refocus area until improvement is shown. He/She will not participate in whole class or group activities during this time. If misbehavior continues the student will lose recess, then go to the buddy room, and if it continues, an office referral will be written. Parents will be notified when their child reaches the lose recess space on the behavior chart. I will not hesitate to call any parents for any reason at any time! MOR's will still be given at McCurdy this year. When a child receives three MOR's for the same offense in the first quarter, they will receive an office referral and detention hours will be given.
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