Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
3rd Grade
McCurdy Elementary
Students will bring home a Friday folder on Fridays. I will send home a weekly newsletter that includes upcoming events and skills that we are focusing on. Friday folders may contain student work for the week, behavior reports, notes from the teacher, notes from the office, etc. This is a very important communication tool between home and school. All Friday folders and behavior reports need to be signed by a parent or a guardian and returned to school on the following Monday. Students must have Friday folders and behavior reports signed and returned to be able to participate in all activities and receive incentives for bringing it back. The students will also have a planner this year. Each afternoon, I will stamp your child's planner with a stamp if they had a great day. If they had a warning, or other inappropriate behaviors, they will receive a hand written account of their behavior. Please sign their planners each evening, so we can keep track of your child's daily progress. It is very important for your child to know that we are working together towards their success.
Reading is essential to education, which is why I have chosen to send home various book orders during the school year. You are under NO obligation to buy from any order. The prices in the book order are more affordable than purchasing from a bookstore. Some selections even start under $1.00! I will indicate on the newsletter when it is due. If you write a check, please make it payable to SCHOLASTIC BOOKCLUBS. The latest book order has been sent in. The students that ordered, should be receiving them in a week or week in a half.
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