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Mrs. Gilchrist's Class
3rd Grade
McCurdy Elementary
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When students exhibit appropriate behavior and follow my classroom rules, they will receive classroom money, otherwise known as Gilchrist Gold. It is the student's responsibility to keep it in a safe place. I allow no stealing or trading between students. On an unannounced day, the students will be able to shop for prizes at the Gilchrist Gold Store. The students will shop in an order from the student who has the greatest amount of gold down to the student who has the least. If your child is absent on a Gilchrist Gold Day their money will lose all of it's value and they will have to start over for the next Gilchrist Gold session. Gilchrist Gold will be different during each Gilchrist Gold session. I charge for restroom and drink breaks that are taken at a non-scheduled restroom break/drink time. Students can earn Gilchrist Gold for several appropriate behaviors such as: showing random acts of kindness, helping one another, answering classroom questions correctly, turning in forms, handouts, and homework, purchasing books from bookorders, and proficient and/or advanced Tungsten test scores in math and/or reading.